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Wir suchen Öl. Wir finden Öl. Unter welcher Bedingung? Zu welchem Preis? Wer gewinnt, wer verliert?

Alle wollen alles anders | Everyone wants everything else

Irisierende Interessen | Iridescent Interests

We are looking for oil. We’ll find oil. Under what conditions? At what price? Who wins, who loses?


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  1. DonWyp sagt:

    Mit Filter ist’s gesünder, hieß es früher.
    Boatpeople im Andromedanebel.

  2. U.S. citizens ( 90% of whom never leave America and have no global concept ) are reluctant to give up thier gas guzzling automobiles. Who cares if the „American Dream“ kills them and takes the rest of the planet with them? I once spoke to some business people in Australia about the environment, and they said „What problem? Everything looks beautiful here“ Meanwhile the lesser developed countries simply want what they perceive the rest of the world already has…. at any price, and the oil / petrochem companies are just making too much money to stop. Those who do care just have to keep SHOUTING. Thanks for the picture, Clemens!

  3. Günther sagt:

    I recentkly sat next to an aeducated American on a plane and he told that he would believe in climate hange if there only would be any sign of it…..that was 2 days after Washington Airport was closed for Hurrican reasons for the x-th time in 2012 again.

  4. Jorma Timo Huckauf sagt:

    Farbig (oder farblich?) schillernde Divergenzen. Ergo: de gustibus et coloribus est (sic!) disputandum.

  5. Roy sagt:

    Fracking – oder „Das Philadelphia Experiment“ – Changes need time!

  6. Nicole sagt:

    Die Regenbogenfarben sind toll…
    Traurig- schönes Bild.

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